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毕业于澳洲 SWINBURNE UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY。2008年加入房地产行业。陈俊文曾在新加坡最大的私人房地产公司工作多年。顾客多集中于中国市场并来自全国各地。他熟悉新加坡房地产市场与政策,教育移民体系以及中国客户的需求。作为专业的房地产顾问,俊文主攻新加坡高端房产并有针对性的服务中国高净值客户。


陈俊文在房产领域拥有超过10年的经验,一直专注私人住宅的买卖。他拥有丰富的知识与独到的见解,尽责,快速,保护客户利益为先,集中力量为客户做到房产投资利益最大化。在地产买卖销售这一行业 里 首 先 重 视 的 就 是优质的服务品 质以及应用的专业修养,这 也 是 他身为一位专职地产买卖经纪人在职场上向来的自我要求。不为成交而成交而始终站在顾客的立场做最妥善的分析是俊文始终如一的坚持。


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Douglas Chen joined the real estate industry at a tender age of 22 years old. His journey was made easier by gaining first hand experience when he worked at Far East Organisation from 2008 to 2010. Since then, Douglas has been a full-time property consultant serving his ever growing clientele base.  


His commitment to serving his clients with 100% desire and commitment is commendable. Always striving to learn and continually upgrading himself to serve his client better. Douglas Chen constantly keeps himself abreast of the latest local property news and trends.  


He finds it important as he will be in a better position to advise his clients whether to sell or hold on to his property.  Always positive and energetic, Douglas' clientele includes budding investor all the way to the Ultra High Net Worth Individuals.  Douglas has also been proven to be a consistent top performer.  Never one to rest on his laurels, he consistently improve himself in order to reach new heights. He is consistently placed amongst the Top 100 Producers in his company, with several Number 1 position added to his long list of achievements.

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